Camp Heebie Jeebies
2016 Daily Schedule






7:45 a.m.           Breakfast

8:45                    Theory Classes (locations of each class will be posted)

9:35-9:45            Break

9:45-11:45          Jazz band rehearsals (see locations posted at Lodge)
                           Vocal rehearsals in Beehive

11:50                   Lunch followed by special performances (do not leave
                            the Lodge until performances are over)

1:00-1:45             Improvisation & Sectionals
                            Saxes—Craig Buhler Lodge Back Deck
                            Clarinets—John Goodrich Klahane
                            Trombones—Howard Miyata Garage
                            Trumpets—Dan Comins Wohelo Cabin
                            Pianos—Marty Eggers Main Lodge Up
                            Basses/Tubas—Tom Jacobus Main Lodge Down
                                                       and Jackson Stock
                            Banjos/Guitars--Josh Roberts Lodge Front Deck
    Drums—John Hall Beach Cabin
                            Vocals—Nicole Sanford Beehive
2:00                    All Vocalists - Beehive
2:00                    Chop Monsters Band in the Lodge - recreation for everyone else
3:00                    Big Band II in the Lodge - recreation for everyone else
4:30                    Big Band I in the Lodge - recreation for everyone else

6:00 p.m.           Dinner followed by recreation

7:30                    Evening Performance (attendance required)
                          (Friday’s student performances begin at 6:30 p.m.)
8:45                   Camp Fire and Jam Sessions
10:30                 Everyone in their cabins (no playing of instruments)

11:00 p.m.         Lights out!