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Camp Heebie Jeebies      

July 24 - July 30, 2016

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       $ 625                                (Camp is held at Camp David Jr., Lake Crescent, WA)

(Please print clearly)
Name_______________________________ Age:____Sex: M F Year in School ____________

Address__________________________________________ Phone _____________________

City, State, Zip ______________________________E-Mail____________________________
 All communication is done via email and phone.  A valid e-mail address is required!

Instrument(s) ___________________________________________________________
(please list ONLY the instruments you intend to play at camp; put primary instrument first)
# of years on instrument(s) _______                   Vocal: Yes___ No___ (Sop. Alto Tenor Bass)

Please rate yourself on the following:                      Theory: Beginning, intermediate, Advanced
                                                           Improvisation: Beginning, intermediate, advanced

The total cost for camp tuition, room, and board is $625. A deposit of $300 is due by May 1 at the latest—however, if possible, please send in your registration form and deposit as soon as you can; the balance of $325 will be due when you check in at camp. Please indicate on this form if you are receiving a scholarship from your local jazz society. Some scholarship funds are also available from Camp Heebie Jeebies on a first-come, first served basis.  All Port Angeles/Sequim area students are eligible for the JITOS scholarship fund!  Please call the number at the bottom of this form for information.  
NOTE:  Camp Heebie Jeebies is unable to provide specialized diets for persons with food interolerances.  Please bring food alternatives if a special diet is required.  A vegetarian option is available for most meals.

Transportation:  How do you plan to get to camp?________________________________________
                                           (if you fly or come by train, you will be met by a Camp Staff member and be taken to camp)

  Flying?  Fly into Seattle (please send itinerary) 
• Train?  Amtrak to Edmonds, WA, take Kingston Ferry to Kingston  (please send itinerary)

• Driving? Arrive at Camp David Jr. around 4:00 p.m. on July 24.  Take Highway 101 west of Port Angeles 30 miles, turn right on Camp David Jr. Road.   
Parents wishing to volunteer as cabin counselors- -please call 406-862-3814 for details.

Make checks payable to:               Karayco Productions Inc.
and mail registration
and deposit to:                               Camp Heebie Jeebies
                                                        1705 E.  Second St.      
                                                         Whitefish, MT  59937

                       Questions???     Call 406-862-3814