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Camp Heebie Jeebies


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Camp Heebie Jeebies
Camp Rules


All campers are expected to follow these rules without exception.  Any person who chooses to behave
Please sign below to indicate
that you and your parents understand the rules.


1.      No boys allowed in girls’ cabins; no girls allowed in boys’ cabins.

2.      All campers and staff are to dress and act appropriately at all times (NOTE: Revealing clothing, provocative behavior, and
   public displays of affection are not appropriate at Camp Heebie Jeebies.)

3.      Smoking, drinking of alcohol, and use of drugs are not permitted.  No food or drink (except water) allowed in sleeping cabins.

4.      No playing of instruments after 10:30 p.m.

5.      No horseplay allowed around the water or in the campground.

6.      Do not write ANYTHING on any camp building, tree, etc.

7.      All recreational equipment must be returned to its storage location after being used.

8.      No matches, lighters, or flame of any kind allowed on the camp premises; faculty/staff will be in charge of evening bonfires.

9.      Canoes and boats are off limits at all times unless there is a camp activity planned where faculty or staff are present.

10.    This camp site is an historic location; be respectful at all times of the property, trees, equipment, etc.

11.    No driving of vehicles allowed on the camp premises.  Cars must be parked at the entrance and luggage carried in.

12.    Be respectful and courteous to faculty, staff, and fellow campers AT  ALL  TIMES!

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Mail to:
Camp Heebie Jeebies  
1705 East Second Street 
Whitefish, MT  59937
Questions???  Call 406-862-3814