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What Happens at JAZZ CAMP

Camp Heebie Jeebies
Things to bring (and NOT bring) to

Camp David Jr. on Lake Crescent, WA




Please bring:

                        Your instrument(s)

including sticks and cymbals if you are a drummer, all of your saxes if you play reeds, your own amp if you
play electric bass.  NOTE:  Please bring ALL of the instruments you listed on the application form.  

                        Sleeping bag, pillow, towel, washcloth, and soap

                        Clothes, extra socks, shoes, sandals (be prepared for warm AND cool weather)

                        Mosquito repellent

                        Flashlight (with fresh batteries)

                        Kleenex tissue

                        Backpack (to carry around your personal supplies; please put your name on it)

                        Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, daily medications, etc.)

Special Food Items if you are on a restrictive diet

                        Optional:  recreational items such as Frisbees, softballs, nerf balls, etc.

Please do not bring:

                        Expensive cameras, CD players, iPods, computers, etc.

                        Large amounts of money (there is NO PLACE to spend money at camp)

                        Expensive sporting goods items

                        Alcohol, tobacco products, drugs (except for your own prescriptions) are not

permitted.  Violations of this rule may result in dismissal from the camp.




There is very little cell phone signal at Camp David Jr.  You are permitted to make local calls from the camp land line (360-928-3206), or you may use a calling card to call long distance.  Your parents may also call this number to talk with you or to leave a message.  Please tell your parents that the best time to reach you will be at meal time (7:45 a.m., 12 noon, and 6:00 p.m.)


NOTE:  It seems that every year students at Camp lose something they have brought along.  It is important to LABEL all of your personal belongings so that they can be returned to you quickly in case someone happens to “borrow” something without your knowledge.  If you bring portable music devices, cell phones, etc., please carry them with you in your backpack.  You are responsible for your own belongings!   The camp director/staff and the Camp David Jr. caretaker are not liable for any lost personal items