Yerba Buena Stompers

The mighty sounds of Lu Watters and the Yerba Buena Jazz Band lives on in the YBS. Their uncompromising performances of San Francisco Jazz are always a delight to hear. 

High Sierra

Led by Pieter Meijers and his clarinet, this long-time band with its new sound is a hot West-Coast style jazz group, and is still going strong after being a huge hit here in Monterey as far back as 1984. The band celebrates 35 years together and still features the original rhythm section of Bruce, Stan, Earl and Charlie. The band's sustained success is a combination of experience, a book full of fine tunes, and Pieter Meijer's dedicated leadership. Their hard-driving West-Coast sound, bolstered by the clean alpine air in Three Rivers, California, always fills the room. Our advice is to get there early! 


Titan Hot 7

Born out of the “Jack Daniels Silver Cornet Band” this group had the metamorphosis of growing from five to seven, became an instant hit, and has stormed the halls of many notable haunts around the world. As an accomplished ensemble that captures the moment of magic, you’ll always come back for more. Look for any of these versatile “Titans” to appear as a guest or with other artists and you’ll know why they have won the hearts of so many.

Every one of the band’s seven CDs has garnered an A+ rating from American Rag columnist Cam Miller. Don Jones, publisher and editor of American Rag, calls them "the hands-down best Tent-Packers," so get there early if you want a seat!
WHAT TO EXPECT: Traditional jazz at its best with outstanding soloists and good humor.


Blue Street Jazz Band

The Blue Street Jazz Band is one of the most innovative groups in traditional jazz. The band earned the reputation as The Bad Boys of Dixieland for their eclectic tastes in music. At any given Blue Street performance the audience is liable to hear various styles of music including: swing, Mardi Gras, folk song, marches, waltzes, Latin music, and hymns. Uniquely, Blue Street Jazz Band touts three music educators: Dave Ruffner, Rick Canfield, and Forrest Helmick.
 WHAT TO EXPECT: Jet propelled traditional jazz with eclectic interludes.

Grand Dominion

The Grand Dominion Jazz Band has been together since 1982. They have had a long time to "get it right." And - do they get it right. This is one of the finest New Orleans style bands in the country - with a British flavor. They feature a driving and up-best style and offer impeccable ensemble work.

Uptown Lowdown

Uptown Lowdown plays a modified version of San Francisco traditional style which eventually became known as "Seattle Style." With the driving cornet of leader Bert Barr, the two-reed work of John Goodrich and Paul Woltz, and the drummerless three-person rhythm section comprised of Rose Marie Barr on piano, Art Horgen on tuba and Al LaTourette on banjo, one will hear a sound only identifiable as belonging to Uptown Lowdown.

Uptown Lowdown seems to acquire nicknames - "Seattle Style, " Uptown Rundown," "Drummerless in Seattle," and most recently "The Seattle | Frisco Connection." Whatever - the music speaks for itself.


Ivory & Gold

 Anne and Jeff Barnhardt have credits that stretch across the U.S. to Europe and back again. Anne, a classically trained flautist, and Jeff with a ragtime/ stride piano back ground, will bring you a charming, witty combination of ragtime to Broadway. Drummer Danny Coots, with his expertise and humor, makes a perfect trio.
 WHAT TO EXPECT: Classical flute meets jazz piano. Wow!

Reynolds Brothers Rhythm Rascals

 The Reynolds Brothers are a fun and exciting jazz quartet, who will delight you with a wide selection of jazz tunes from the '20s and '30s, including specialty numbers, vocals and even sophisticated ballads. Brothers John and Ralf, grandsons of the legendary screen star Zazu Pitts, are both veterans of many years at various Disney theme parks. John sings, whistles, and plays brilliant guitar. Ralf is considered by many to be one of the world’s greatest living washboard players. Katie Cavera, on bass, has her own legions of fans, and Marc Caparone on cornet adds his hot horn stylings to the group.

Jeff Barnhart

While Jeff Barnhart is now a highly regarded pianist, vocalist, arranger, bandleader, recording artist, composer, pedagogue and entertainer, he had very humble beginnings. Jeff began his professional career at age 14 playing and entertaining four nights a week in a restaurant in his home state of Connecticut. Here he began to learn the classic swing, jazz and ragtime repertoire of the early 20th century. Jeff put himself through college playing throughout New England including stints with one of his childhood influences, the Galvanized Jazz Band. In the 1990's he toured the US and Canada, playing most of the major festivals on the circuit with either the Hot Cat Jazz Band or the Draga-Vax Connection.

The 21st century has found Jeff constantly appearing as a soloist and band pianist at parties, festivals, clubs and cruises in all corners of the globe. He currently manages the Titan Hot Seven, one of the most acclaimed bands in the country. In addition, he leads two bands in the UK - the Fryer-Barnhart International Jazz Band, which concentrates on hot music of the 1920's, and Jeff Barnhart's British Band, which performs small group swing of the 30's. Due to his versatility, vast repertoire and vibrant energy, Jeff is in increasing demand as a participant in international jazz events as either a soloist or as pianist in All-Star Jazz ensembles.  


Robbie Rhodes

Robbie Rhodes plays 1920s-style piano in jazz and dance bands and performs as a soloist and accompanist. He also arranges music for bands and makes music rolls for player pianos and other self-playing instruments. He is retired from Lockheed Corp. after working 26 years as an electronic designer, and now is moderator of the e-mail discussion forum, Mechanical Music Digest.
Since 1965 he has played with the South Frisco Jazz Band, and he regularly performs with the Titanic Jazz Band of Los Angeles at concerts and festivals. He has recorded with bands of Ernie Carson, Hal Smith, in collaborations with John W. "Knocky" Parker, and recently he released his own CD of solo piano stylings. From 1966 to 1971 he played ragtime piano and calliope during the summers and holidays at Disneyland. His piano roll performances have been published by Hot Piano Classics and BluesTone and Play-Rite music roll companies.


Don Lawrence Orchestra

The Don Lawrence Orchestra (DLO) has delighted audiences in Montana for over three decades, playing swing standards, contemporary arrangements, and original scores written and arranged by the band's name sake, Don Lawrence.
The band has performed engagements ranging from sermons in swing to combined choral and big band concerts in which the beauty of the human voice and richness of the big band sound are melded to produce an inspirational and moving gospel and spiritual music experience for audience and performers alike.
The DLO is a "Big Band" in the truest sense, with instrumentation reminiscent of the swing bands of the 40's and 50's. Along with the band's swing repertoire, the DLO also has accumulated a considerable repertoire of gospel and spiritual music which has been written or arranged by Don Lawrence to take advantage of the big band instrumentation. 

Pizzazz Jazz Combo

 Pizzazz Jazz Combo is made up of musicians from the Flathead Valley.  They play an eclectic mix of dance and listening music all played in a swingin' jazz style.

Swingin' on High


Rocky Mountain Rhythm Kings

The band was formed in 1992 by Karla West and Ray Garner, and it has played in Kalispell on a weekly basis from 
that time on.  The band appears regularly at the annual Glacier Jazz Stampede in Kalispell every October and also 
plays for numerous private parties around the Flathead Valley. 

Flathead Society Orchestra


Company Brass


Rex Rieke Trio


Dianne Dunne


Linda Ensign


Wonderful Past Performers

Hume Street

Using a two cornet front line, Hume Street continues the tradition of the two cornet sound of King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band popular in 1923, a sound revived by Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz Band that evolved into West Coast or San Francisco style Dixieland. Over the last couple of years, Hume Street has also started to branch out with new tunes and arrangements featuring a reed section. 

What to expect:  Great traditional jazz played with a two-cornet front line; superb vocals, and wonderful dance music.



First organized in 1993 for performances at local pubs in the Greater Los Angeles area, today's Titanic JB blends veterans of South Frisco Jazz Band, Rosy McHargue ensembles, Yerba Buena Stompers and Turk Murphy JB, always delivering classic traditional jazz in its original styles.